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5/21: FREE Show @ Rockwood II

Rockwood 5/21/15

We’re making our debut at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall – And it’s FREE!

PLUS: Catch the show and you’ll have a chance to snag an advanced stream of our upcoming EP, Wires, before it officially drops! Because if there’s one thing that’s even more rewarding than getting new music, its being able to brag about the new music you got to your friends who haven’t heard it yet…or maybe thats just us…?


See you there!


05.21.15 Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) New York, NY
06.05.15 Reservoir High School Fulton, MD
06.06.15 Bayou Washington, DC

The Rooks are booking shows!

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The Rooks are a New York City based R&B/IndieSoul sextet just funky enough to make your mother nervous. The group formed at Wesleyan University, bonding over a mutual love of listening to Beyonce, playing at house parties, and performing Motown covers. They continue to do all three in excess.

Drawing on an eclectic catalogue of influences, from the melodic sensibilities of Stevie Wonder, to the staggered hip-hop backbeats of J Dilla, to the vocal intricacies of the Dirty Projectors, The Rooks dance their way along the line between the kind of music that makes you think, and feel-good-down-in-your-gut soul.

The release of The Rooks' debut EP, "Something You Can Take" (May 2013) and follow up single "Twister" (Jan 2014), as well as their highly successful residency at Pianos NYC (second highest grossing residency in venue history) have earned them recognition across the Northeast, including Deli Magazine's Artist of The Month award (Feb 2014) which finally provided their parents with a tangible means of bragging about their children to their co-workers.

The Rooks are currently back in the studio preparing the release of their second EP, while steadily booking shows up and down the East Coast. They would love for you to join the party, because they’re having an incredible time.

Garth “Able To Sing Higher Than You” Taylor

Celine Dion/Beyonce/Prince three-way vocal love child, group choreographer, and front man extraordinaire.

Louis “You’re That” Russo

Bi-Lingual, Century-cycling, graduate degree-earning, rhythm-section anchoring bass-man.

Gabe “Cardigan” Gordon

Pocket owning keys player, classy sweater master, and resident “is this edible” expert.

Nate “Moonshine” Mondschein

Authority on sarcasm, old-school-Scottie Pippen jerseys, and all “banging on things with sticks” related activities.

Spencer “More Athletic Than All Of Us” Hattendorf

Sax wailing, vocal belting aficionado, and the Rook most likely to serve as legal counsel for another member of the group.

Graham “Master of the Coin” Richman

Axe-wielding, face-melting, pop-loving guitarist, and the Rook most likely to be indicted for a white-collar crime.